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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Local Royalty

Okay, not really. But...
Utah Bride & Groom - HELLO!

We all know how obsessed I am over weddings in general, but obviously our Wedding is a major obsession, and rightfully so. I worked hard to make the day perfect for Mikey and I, and it totally was! A party, a celebration, a day to be remembered forever!

I could not wait to get my hands on the 2011 edition of Utah Bride & Groom. I was contacted by our photographer, Melissa Kelsey, months and months ago, asking for my permission to submit some wedding photos to UB&G. Um, hell yes of course! Months later, Melissa contacted me letting me know UB&G had chose a picture of Mikey and my bridesmaids; elated they would be in the mag, I have to admit I was slightly disappointed that me, the Bride, did not make it in.

Months later, a flip through the magazine totally made my day - and you can see why!
The coveted 2011 edition
(I feel like Miranda Priestly cherishing
MY version of Runway magazine)

My sexy groom bowling in the index...
The bowling alley photo was featured in the
Boys' Night Out section of the mag
My BFFs/beautiful Bridesmaids and my husband
featured in the Ladies in Waiting section

Lastly... what I least expected (LOL) but so happy to see:
Mikey and I featured in
The Wedding Album

I know I am nerd. Nonetheless, I was extremely anxious to share this with family and friends, and revere this particular issue of Utah Bride & Groom. Talk about a great thing to show the kids!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Deck the Halls (or the corner in the apartment)

With a large-ass couch, two end tables and one small front room, your Christmas decor options may become limited. Think again. With hopes for a small tree to nicely fit in the assigned crevice in our front room, we fell in love with our too big of tree at the lot. Perfect shade of green and a nice shape... how could we say no? Seriously.
All said and done... I had to eliminate both end tables and push the couch (which bugs me a little OCD style, but it's fine and looks fab)!

We spread holiday cheer, sipped on spiked cider and chopped down our tree in the forest. Best way to kick off the holidays. (The tree cutting adventure is a tradition Mikey's entire family has done each year.)

No snow... yet.
Within two hours of taking this picture at the tree lot, snow began to fall like crazy!
Our 2nd tree!

Last year was our first married Christmas, and also the first Christmas either of us had spent away from home. This meant... (no tears) ... shopping for Christmas decor and defining a theme for our apartment! I stuck with the classics: red and green. A bright green replaced the traditional pine green and paired with bright red, it looks great and festive! Another major theme throughout our place is glitter!!!!! Diamonds {{{and glitter}}} are both a girl's best friend in my opinion. While glitter is not acceptable year round, I am happy to glitter-fy my home for the Holidays!

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas TrEe
Holiday mantle! I created a glittertastic mantle piece with a plain
pine garland, ribbon to match our tree and some
fun glitter pine cones!

With two end tables being kicked out of this room and a lack of
storage space, I created a random holiday 'shrine'... random'ness
at it's finest.

I LOVE all things Barbie. Since I was super young, I have collected
a Barbie ornament each year. It began with Holiday Barbie, this year
an adorable shoe tree! Pink, glitter, heels? YES please.

Glitter artichokes are critical for this time of year...

So are glitter balls, everyone is doing it.

Happy Holidays
friends, and best wishes for an even better new year.
{Wishes for lots of love, happiness and glitter too}


Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I get it.
I do it.
And I implement this practice with caution.
Caution. That is all I am asking.
What practice? The practice of not washing your hair daily.

I often although not always, wash my hair every other day. While I claim it helps my color last longer, I am truly just lazy some mornings and can get away with it no longer than every other day.
While rocking dirty hair, I am sure to either: a) wear it all back including bangs, b) wash the front section of my hair, c) use dry shampoo.
While occasionally I utilize only one method, more often than not, dirty hair days require the utilization of all three aforementioned options. I understand some people go longer, and they can go longer than every other day. If you are one of these people, I know a bunch of you, I envy you. You are lucky to have thick hair of a beautiful texture that allows you to maintain your color, healthier locks with less hot tool damage and well... to be lazy. Depending on the texture of an individual's hair that is acceptable assuming it does not wreak havoc on the noses or eyes around you (think smelly greasy hair). Be sure to read the fine print!

I have definitely been in situations where I literally have had to hold my breath (yes I am sensitive to smell) so I do not have to take in the whiff of DIRTY, oily hair.

Today as I sat in a presentation with local professionals from SLC, I could not help myself but to look around the room and notice the women of all ages with dirty, matted, ugly hair. In my opinion, this is not professional. GET a hand mirror. Just because your 'do may look okay in the front... check out the back, especially if you are rocking a shorter style. Bed head is NOT professional or acceptable. And not only was I seeing bed head messes in front of me, but OILY, dirty undid hairdos.

If doing the not-washed hair, it is critical to take the proper precautions (see a,b,c above).
If you have any dirty hair tips to share, please comment and fill me in on your dirty little secret. :)

Neurotic, I know.
With my Mom in the hair business, I may be a bit more psychotic about this than most. Growing up with a Mom who could spot, by sight and smell, un-fresh locks, meant me washing my hair every day. She says there is nothing worse than having to work on a dirty head...

I just had to vent.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Shake and Bake'esque

Since chicken is thee staple of our dinner menu, I like to prepare it differently. I recently tried a new and superb marinade: olive oil, soy sauce and an onion soup packet. It had great flavor and was super moist. I baked it on a (olive oil-greased) cooking sheet.

This shake and bake'esque experience is one I stole from my Mom (again) and is one of our favorites that is in regular rotation.

1. Coat chicken breasts in egg

2. Cover chicken in bread crumbs, seasoning salt, pepper, chili powder, salad seasoning, etc. (I literally change up what seasonings I use every time I make it depending on my mood and what side dishes I am serving with it, ANYTHING goes well
3.Bake (I have no idea how long to be honest... about 18 minutes, 9 on each side)

Voila! SUPER simple, fast, affordable and SO delicious. I served this one with brocoli and a loaded baked potato. This is Mikey's serving, not mine. ;)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Chop Chop

At this point in my life, my long hair may arguably be my best feature. Despite that, I decided to chop it... I needed a change!

Buh-bye long flowing locks...

Hello a shorter, sassier Me!

Not quite SHORT, but I am considering it.
Still long... but about 6 inches and bangs... and I am a new woman!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MMM good

With a passion for food and a major craving for soup, it is my goal to try some new soups... recipes I find and ones that I make up in my head (using all of the leftover items in the fridge from the previous week). This particular soup is one that I made up in my head, and emptied the produce drawer at the same time.

1. I boiled chicken breasts in a tasty "stock" (got that pro lingo from my Mom) with chicken bouillon, celery and onion {boil until thoroughly cooked}
{at this point, your home smells amazing and you are creating delicious chicken that will shred easily and is FULL of flavor {{Bland, no-taste chicken makes me want to PUKE}}

I just get rid of this stock and start all-over for my soup broth, which is for sure unnecessary, but it is the way I prefer to make it so I do not have random little bits of chicken and such... you can just use this broth as it's super flavorful for your soup...

2. I just chopped up what I had in my fridge, but by all means... throw in all the veggies that you desire! I used carrots, red pepper, onion and parsley (and peas from the freezer). I normally like cilantro, but parsley is what I had.
3. I then added water and chicken bouillon (chicken broth, the more chicken-y the better), all my veggies, my chicken, wagon wheel noodles and really random spices...
4. I let the soup just blend together on low for a bit and then it's ready to serve!

It turned out SO tasty and it made a TON!
I froze on large container, took two smaller ones for our lunches and another one for a later dinner. SO convenient for later meals and so delicious every time!

Monday, November 1, 2010

80s, and my obsession

Any chance to rock 80s attire, I am SO in! My second year in a row, I have rocked some sort of 80s-themed outfit (it's a costume, but I like to refer to it as an "outfit"). With Madonna on my mind and accommodating my body and work appropriateness, I created a full-coverage 80s outfit! Biggest achievements: made my own tutu and had perm rods in my hair for five hours +.

I started with some of this and this...
{thee unveiling of the first rod}

and I ended up with some of this, and this and a sexy Jersey husb!

My perm rod curls were AMAzing, but since I was not willing to wear them overnight to show up at work with the fab curls. I opted for my flat, like 1/2" iron (took an hour to curl) and modified the hair style (even more wonderful) and added a nice beauty mark for Madonna:

We'll see if next year gets more "R" rated!

Cause we are living in a material world and I ammmmmaaa material girl.

Monday, October 18, 2010

14 days of perfectly polished nails? Yes please!

I have been hearing about this shellac manicure for a while now. Two weeks of a perfect manicure, no acrylic, fun colors and no chipping? Kind of sounds too good to be true, right? It's not! I called Sherrie Bearden, an awesome nail gal at Salon Lydia, booked my appointment and went in for my first shellac mani!

I had no idea what to expect. Here is the lay-man's rundown:
The 14-day staying power happen in 3 steps - a base coat (UV lamp), 2 color coats (UV lamp between each) and a top coat (UV lamp).
The big deal is that it goes on like a polish, looks like a gel and wears beautifully!

My nails looks amazing... bright red, unchipped and soooo shiny!

Call Sherrie, she did an amazing job and I love (and appreciate) how sanitary and timely she is too!
Sherrie Bearden, 801.918.3895

Cheers to the latest and greatest!
{I hate my hands, but I had to show off how miraculous this is... normally by day three, there is no day three... I paint every other day}

A perfect fall menu

With an intense craving for soup and something new, I thought I would try a Porcupine-inspired dish: potato beer cheese soup. It turned out even better than I expected. I added potatoes to a beer cheese soup recipe I found online, made a few minor adjustments and served this magical treat in a bread bowl. It was DELISH! Mikey and my sister Emily also raved about (Emily told me it was thee best soup she had ever had, and she gets to enjoy my Mom's cooking regularly, so this is a BIG deal).

I am normally so GOOD about taking pics of the entire process, but this time I was NOT... next time!

Click here for the link to the recipe I used.
I did not top with popcorn
I sauteed my veggies in butter until they were soft
I added potatoes... I peeled and boiled them, diced them and added them to my veggie mix
I used two cups of 1/2 & 1/2 and 2 cups of 1% milk
I used one bottle of Blue Moon (thee perfect choice)
I added a little extra chicken boullion, making it even more flavorful and some extra hot sauce and cayenne pepper

Served in a bread bowl... a recipe that will now be in regular rotation!

Dessert: Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies... to DIE for!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Falling for warm, rich colors

Along with my festive decor throughout our home, the aroma of warm pumpkin and cinnamon filling the air and the closet season switch out, I have busted out some of my favorite fall makeup colors.

During the fall and winter seasons, I like to switch up my hot pink cheeks and pale pink lips for warmer mauve-ish tones.

Here are some of my very favorites, the pumpkin is a nice touch, right?!
Cheeks: Plum Foolery
Eyes: Twinks, Arena and Antiqued
Lips: Liner - Half Red, Lipstick - Viva Glam VI

Do have any fall favorites?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The day Jamba became an Archibald

Jaima wore a gorgeous Maggie Soterro gown that hugged her tiny little body just perfectly! Beautiful pearl and gold accessories gave her a polished look with beautiful curls and great makeup (compliments of mmuuaah).

Congrats Jamba!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Just Married

Jaima and Chris had an incredible wedding this last Saturday, October 9. {I am SO obsessed with Weddings.} Everything about their day turned out perfect and Jaima was a gorgeous Bride! I was in-charge of hair and makeup, while I was a nervous wreck (about this and my toast) they both turned out so great!
As her MOH I gave her the something blue to cross off of her list, I am SO dissappointed in myself, I did not take a picture of the darling bouquet charm, blue lace panties and super cute packaging... but I am telling you, it was SUPER cute.
Now what will I do with my creative time? Good thing Halloween is around the corner... time to create!

I have said this before but again - I would love the opportunity to work with any of you, or anyone you may know, who is planning an event (wedding, showers, parties, etc.), call me!

It's all in the details

With my passion for coordinating events, and doing a fab job at it, I would love the opportunity to plan an event/party for a "client." Yes, I am totally new to the industry, but I do have enthusiasm for a perfectly planned soiree and tons of fresh ideas.

Being the neurotic human that I am, a detail does not go untouched.

With my growing interest, I am dying to help someone plan an event as a consultant... and even do some of the dirty work, because I love it! While some things can be outsourced, I have way too much fun creating and crafting to delegate it all.

(PPBH does not put me on agency event planning because I don't ROCK at it)!!! I am currently working on my second agency event this year, managing the entire event!

In the last year, my designer-friend Kenji and I have created (he does the actual design work) wedding invitations and coordinating print collateral, two logos and a website ... we are working to pull some of our pieces together to display on here.

OK, that's all. I just had to say it again... I AM FOR HIRE.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bangs Part II: The never ending saga

Less than a month ago, I posted on my dilemna of whether or not to chop my bangs to their traditional bang'ish length.

Freaking out about this for the last 20 days +, with a hair appointment scheduled for Saturday at 4:00, I took my scrapbook scissors and matters into my own hands.
Buh bye 2.5 inches of grown out bangs.

You will be well-trimmed, razored and evened out by Saturday evening.

It's fall, and I needed a change... so cheers to bangs and the {few} inches I plan to chop off! Update to come soon!

Monday, September 27, 2010

"How TV career women influence at-work style"

I read this article on CNN and had to share as I am completely influenced by TV's career women. After watching a successful, powerful and well-dressed career woman on TV, I am inspired to get up the next morning and put myself together nicely with a pencil skirt, a cardigan, heels and full hair and makeup, etc....

Check the article out here:
How TV career women influence at-work style

Not only do I love the style inspiration these women offer, I love the them!

My new favorite kick-ass woman: Peggy Olson. In a time when men were the sole bread winners with career positions that were not even available to women, Peggy advanced from a secretary to a copy writer (with her own office too). Slowly but surely, her physical transformation is also taking place in this time of advancement. I love the way Peggy can hang with the boys at Sterling Cooper!
Samantha Jones... a PR professional, and a sexy one at that. Smart, connected, outspoken and fabulous. While her promiscuity is a bit out of control... to each her own. Samantha's loyalty to her girlfriends and her successful career, coupled with her style make her fab!

Betty Suarez and Wilhemina Slater from Mode Magazine. . .
Betty had me the day she walked into Mode in her pancho, LOL. Betty worked her ass off to get to where she wanted to be, taking on mindless tasks and "bitch" work along the way... which gives me hope in some instances when I am stuck working on mindless projects!
Wilhemina - fashion and beauty icon, ruthless and heartless business woman. While she is a conniving backstabber, I cannot help but love her. She is gorg!
Nancy Botwin - single mother slangin' marijuana to raise her family. HILArious and shows how savvy this soccer Mom really is! Regardless of what she is selling, Nancy has an amazing body and is one of the hottest soccer Moms!
These are just a few of the TV women whose style and professional success are an inspiration to me.