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Monday, November 1, 2010

80s, and my obsession

Any chance to rock 80s attire, I am SO in! My second year in a row, I have rocked some sort of 80s-themed outfit (it's a costume, but I like to refer to it as an "outfit"). With Madonna on my mind and accommodating my body and work appropriateness, I created a full-coverage 80s outfit! Biggest achievements: made my own tutu and had perm rods in my hair for five hours +.

I started with some of this and this...
{thee unveiling of the first rod}

and I ended up with some of this, and this and a sexy Jersey husb!

My perm rod curls were AMAzing, but since I was not willing to wear them overnight to show up at work with the fab curls. I opted for my flat, like 1/2" iron (took an hour to curl) and modified the hair style (even more wonderful) and added a nice beauty mark for Madonna:

We'll see if next year gets more "R" rated!

Cause we are living in a material world and I ammmmmaaa material girl.

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