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Monday, May 16, 2011

Salmon Sunday

With a craving for something BBQ'd, we opted for a less traditional barbecue option (traditional being hamburgers or chicken) and went for salmon!

Simple, quick and delicious menu: barbecued salmon and asparagus served with pasta with a delightful brie and pear app.

I picked up a fresh piece of salmon from Whole Foods and prepped it and the asparagus for the grill.

Salmon: olive oil, Simply lemonade, lemon pepper, red pepper flakes and fresh sliced lemon.
Asparagus: olive oil, freshly-ground salt and pepper and parmesan.

While we relaxed with this goodness on the grill and the pasta boiled we sipped on wine (and Cutthroat in Mikey's case) we enjoyed brie and green pear atop a Vosen's baguette. AMAZing, especially when fresh from the oven!

A light pasta to compliment the flavors of the salmon was made up of freshly chopped green onion, sun dried tomatoes (the bottled with olive oil kind), a dash of olive oil, lemon juice, red pepper flakes and a yummy garlic parmesan seasoning. Light with a great punch of flavor!

15 minutes tops on the BBQ and you have perfectly seasoned and cooked salmon and asparagus served with a light lemon-infused pasta! DELISH!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


You often hear it on this blog being inspired by my Mom to cook, bake, coordinate my lip and nail colors, etc. My Mom truly is an inspiration to me whether it’s in the kitchen, with my personal style, or being a good wife and one day (aspiring to be) an amazing Mother to my children like she has been to me and my three Sisters.

I am a Mama’s girl and a Daddy’s girl. I think having divorced parents at the age of five has made me this way, and I would not change it for anything.

Thank God for my Mom….

When I am sick, not feeling well with a fever, tummy ache, etc. there is nothing I want more than my Mom comforting me – rubbing my back and tickling my face. Last time I had the flu (puking) I would have paid for my Mom to be there rubbing my back and holding my hair out of the stream of puke!

When Mikey does something sweet for me, or perhaps something that I consider less than sweet, my Mom is the first person I talk to – happiness or sadness – sharing this part of my life with her is critical!

Telling her something I cannot tell ANYone else – like a compliment I may receive and it’s way too embarrassing or “stuck-up” to tell anyone else. My Mom knows I’m a snot!

REALLY private matters. What does this mean? What does that mean?

How long to boil and egg, bake potatoes, grill fish, what kind of roast to buy, what the hell my recipe book is telling me to do… the list goes on. She is my go-to Betty Crocker for all things cooking.

Sending pictures to her of new throw pillows, a new dress or itty-bitty mini skirt, or how I arranged my bedding – I need her approval for all of this!

Gotta love her bluntness – “hmmm… yes, your butt does look big in that.”

When I just need a good cry and a big hug to tell me everything is going to be okay.

I am lucky that my Best Friend, Most Trusted Confidant, Cooking and Fashion Consultant, Hair Stylist and Rock are all my Mom.