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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quenched - all things HAIR

At a time of year when dry skin, hair and nails haunt me, there are a few products I swear by to keep my hair quenched and in good condition.

  • Keeping your hair in good condition during these dry months takes effort that starts at the root of the issue: hair color. I keep my hair in tip-top condition by getting it colored every 5 weeks (with a semi-permanent color)... the color line my stylist aka my Mom uses on my locks adds exceptional color and condition to my hair.
  • Next to a good color, it's all about good product, starting with a shampoo and conditioner customized to your hair type, and for colored hair. I like to switch it up every other day between Biolage's Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioning Balm and Pureology's Hydrate System shampoo and conditioner. Switching it up works well for me: 1) Pureology is super pricy, so it's nice to use every-other day 2) Pureology is SO conditioning that is weighs my hair done 3) I have been using Biolage since I had hair and I am in-love with the SUPER clean smell and the performance of the product.
  • My slew of styling products includes some products that keep my hair moisturized... or at least help with the frizz caused by the dry weather: Pureology's Glossing Mist and Joico's Brilliantine Pomade.