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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bangs Part II: The never ending saga

Less than a month ago, I posted on my dilemna of whether or not to chop my bangs to their traditional bang'ish length.

Freaking out about this for the last 20 days +, with a hair appointment scheduled for Saturday at 4:00, I took my scrapbook scissors and matters into my own hands.
Buh bye 2.5 inches of grown out bangs.

You will be well-trimmed, razored and evened out by Saturday evening.

It's fall, and I needed a change... so cheers to bangs and the {few} inches I plan to chop off! Update to come soon!

Monday, September 27, 2010

"How TV career women influence at-work style"

I read this article on CNN and had to share as I am completely influenced by TV's career women. After watching a successful, powerful and well-dressed career woman on TV, I am inspired to get up the next morning and put myself together nicely with a pencil skirt, a cardigan, heels and full hair and makeup, etc....

Check the article out here:
How TV career women influence at-work style

Not only do I love the style inspiration these women offer, I love the them!

My new favorite kick-ass woman: Peggy Olson. In a time when men were the sole bread winners with career positions that were not even available to women, Peggy advanced from a secretary to a copy writer (with her own office too). Slowly but surely, her physical transformation is also taking place in this time of advancement. I love the way Peggy can hang with the boys at Sterling Cooper!
Samantha Jones... a PR professional, and a sexy one at that. Smart, connected, outspoken and fabulous. While her promiscuity is a bit out of control... to each her own. Samantha's loyalty to her girlfriends and her successful career, coupled with her style make her fab!

Betty Suarez and Wilhemina Slater from Mode Magazine. . .
Betty had me the day she walked into Mode in her pancho, LOL. Betty worked her ass off to get to where she wanted to be, taking on mindless tasks and "bitch" work along the way... which gives me hope in some instances when I am stuck working on mindless projects!
Wilhemina - fashion and beauty icon, ruthless and heartless business woman. While she is a conniving backstabber, I cannot help but love her. She is gorg!
Nancy Botwin - single mother slangin' marijuana to raise her family. HILArious and shows how savvy this soccer Mom really is! Regardless of what she is selling, Nancy has an amazing body and is one of the hottest soccer Moms!
These are just a few of the TV women whose style and professional success are an inspiration to me.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pucker Up

Among a long list of items-yet another thing I cannot get enough of? Lip products, and in particular gloss. I have a lot of different shades, but most of them are fairly similar: high shine, tint of pink and look SO pretty all brand new and full in their tubes.

There is nothing like a brand new gloss. The tube is full, the wand is clean and beautiful and I feel like it just goes on better. Ah... it makes me crave a new one just describing it!

Pencils, lip stick and gloss ... these are a few of MY favorite things.

My go to colors/products:

MAC's Subculture and Whirl liners
While I own a handful more and wear them on a semi-regular basis, I can always count on one of these two to pair perfectly with all shades of my lipstick and also just a gloss. I love using a liner with gloss because it adds a bit more color and definition, eliminates the chances of the gloss running and often creates a more polished look.

As for lipstick, during the summer I nearly always opt for a light pink, punched up with one of my liners and topped with gloss. I like the idea of darkening it up for fall and winter, I have the products but I am still not sold on the fact that I look decent in it. I love ALL Viva Glam colors, and I happen to own them all - they are a bit darker that Fabby and Angel, but still not over the top for me.

Gloss: I love all things gloss. I do not care where it's from, who makes it or what size it is. If it's gloss, ring me up! This collection is just what I keep in my cabinet. At the end of each month I have to empty my purse because my color selection is weighing me down. I always like to keep options at my desk at work too. You just never know what you may feel like!

Now... each morning when I leave, I do full lips... the day goes on and inevitably, I look like shit because I rarely go about the process again and normally opt for just gloss. I think... just gloss is also just fine. Just a tad of color and shine immediately brightens my face.
But to dress things up - add a liner!!!

The simple joys of apartment living

Nestled back in off of Highland Drive, 45 seconds from 2-15 and a nicely decorated apartment make what we call home a nice place to live. We have an apartment with newer cabinets, flooring, counters and appliances... all dark and nice. Our patio is covered by a large tree and we have a lovely view of the pond, waterfall and pool.

All of these magnificent apartment living features makes you want one, right? {LOL}

I have to say, we have been lucky to have neighbors not complain about our random dance parties and that are not wild themselves. Of course we deal with the occasional loud-walking above us (which makes me want to punch the ceiling and scream) but the people across from us... they are the real gems.

Our across the way neighbors have lived there for about six months or so I would say. We have seen them 20 or so times, each awkward as we always say "hello" and they barely lift their heads to say "hi" or kind of nod.

We noticed when they moved in that they had the potential to be a little different from us, which is great. We love all kinds, we love different. Skinny guy, scroungy and greasy looking, and a girl with consistently greasy hair in high buns wearing basketball shorts and hoodies ALL year long. OK

Next came their door mat. We keep a "cute" door mat at our front door for our guests and us to wipe our feet on, plus it's just cute. Our neighbors have a welcoming pirate-like doormat that I believe is intended for use in a 14-year-old boy's bathroom.
The best part is the ash tray full of Marlboro's on their patio and the waft of nasty-ass, smokey, dirty and infected air that leaves their apartment when they walk out. If we are leaving or arriving at the same time, I hold my breath. I feel for the next people who live there.

Home is where the heart is.

Monday, September 20, 2010


I will be the first to admit, I am not perfect. I have bad hair days, I weigh more than I should, eat more than I should and quite possibly wear things that I should not. All the while, I do work diligently to be an attractive and stylish human, some days playing a victim of laziness with not-so-cute hair and barely there makeup paired with a random outfit.
It has repeatedly come to my attention that some people leave the house when they uh, shouldn't. Backless dresses, criss-cross dresses and tops, halter tops, etc. are all pieces of clothing that call for a strapless bra, and in some cases no bra or possibly a backless mechanism. Yes, I get it... in some instances showing your bra is fashionable and appropriate.

I am a huge advocate of "to each their own," but come on! I saw a girl at the mall on Saturday with a kinda fancy dress on at 3:00 in the afternoon, think halter, low back and plunging neckline in a thin clingy cotton. Pair this combination with a hot pink lace bra, which could be seen from all angles: front, back and sides; also see complete wedgy thanks to the thin clingy material, a thong and a nice booty; to make this site even better... the plunging neckline happened to also be the holder of what looked to be like this gal's travel size Bath and Body Works lotion. I am for real.
I love every human, every girl and every women for the individual and unique style, even when I am a bit jealous inside because they look so wonderful... but... WHY? Why leave the house in a get-up that should never be all put together in the first place? Someone needs to invest in the multi-wear bra at Vickie's, or maybe even some petals.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I've gone MAD.

I have heard about, I have seen a character here and there but a few weeks ago- I experienced it for myself. Mad Men.

I am thoroughly obsessed with the story, the characters and the STYLE. Beautiful dresses, red lips, women with hips, pearls, high-waisted pants, the list truly goes on and on... they style is fabulous. Drinking and smoking nearly 24-hours a day. . . I want a bar in my office!

While season four is currently on air, we are slowly but surely catching up. Getting two discs at a time from Netflix. Half-way through season two, I can safely say, this is most definitely one of my very favorite series (Sex and the City and Sopranos I always hold dear to my heart).

Sure, there are a list of reasons why thus far in the series where I feel compelled to hate Don Draper. But, I put our differences aside and love him time after time. He is brilliant, and not to mention good looking (fantastic style as well).
Let me introduce you to Joan. To me, she is the epitome of a beautiful, sexy woman. She is smart, curvy and gorgeous. Take it how you will, but she has mastered the skill of using her sexuality to get exactly what she wants. Do I have a crush on Joan? I think so.
Betty Draper, January Jones... gorgeous. Her style is incredible, her tiny body is Perfect and really - she is just beautiful!
Style inspiration? I think so!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


In less than a month, I will be representing my BFF, Jaima, as her maid of honor! Technically, I am considered a “matron of honor” but I really do not care for the word “matron,” in my mind it does not have a positive nor youthful connotation. I have taken my role very seriously, and have sincerely loved every minute of it!

First- I love Jaima. We have been friends, through thick and thin since 9th grade, 14 years old baby! Our paths first crossed at St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Parish. In 1991, Jaima and I both made our first Holy Communion here. Not knowing one another at this time, it is quite random that in my stack of pictures from this special day, someone caught a shot of Jaima and her Mom. {Sign from God}. Years later, completely across the Salt Lake valley, Jaima and I made our Confirmation together at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Parish in 1998. {Sign from God}. At last, we were both freshmen students at Juan Diego and our friendship blossomed, LOL.{Sign from God}.

We have gone through high school, college at the U and lots of boyfriends together. She was with me as a Bridesmaid on my Wedding day (and she introduced Mikey and I) and now I will stand by her side on her Wedding day.

My role as MOH: Well, considering I am a newly wed, I am neurotic, I love spreadsheets and I love fashion… I have had a lot of advice to offer Jaima, whether she has wanted it or not, since the first day of wedding planning.

I knew the day was coming, as I gathered my spreadsheets, books and lists of vendors for Jaima. Chris told me he was going to propose, and I was in on popping the question. I got to set up the scene for the proposal for Chris. I was an amazing secret-keeper and Jaima was totally surprised.

DUTIES: dress shopping, flower advice, cake advice, invitation shopping, groom’s gift planning, engagement picture hair and makeup, consultation on all things attire, consultation on all things WEDDING, linen shopping, ring shopping with Chris, bridal shower/bachelorette party hosting, consultation, wedding day practice makeup, wedding day practice hair, consultation, words of encouragement on her hard work and her rocking bod, reception detail prep and consultation, support, love, friendship, consultation, LOL. It truly has been such a fun experience so far and I’m truly excited for October 9!

Stay tuned for hair and makeup and other day of details. Now, onto another day as a rockin’ MOH with plenty of consulting!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I {heart} the sweet aromas of fall, and so does Mikey

Ah… fall is in the air. The weather has cooled, sweaters and boots warm the body, Starbucks is serving pumpkin spice lattes, fall décor is out in full-swing and warm aromas of spiced pumpkin and cinnamon flowing from the Scentsy and candles fill our home. Mikey’s happiness has arrived, his favorite time of year.

To bang, or not to bang.

With fall in the air and sweaters and boots in the closet, the new season means hair changes for many of us ladies. Adding warm rich colors to a head full of summer highlights and perhaps a style change. This summer I ran with a few months of highlights throughout my whole head but then opted to switch back to my regular dark color (minus the red nowadays) half-way through the summer.

{Side story: Like most of us, good or bad, I have had my fair share of the days of light hair. Naturally, I have a more golden tones in my brown hair than I tend to show off… within about 1.5 months after a color, you can see golden brown roots. I have come to find that no one would guess this, thanks to my incredible colorist, thanks Mom, and the fact that I simply look better with dark hair. Circa freshman year of high school, 1999, I was SO into Britney Spears and wanted to look like her. I begged and begged my Mom to add more and more highlights to my hair each time we colored it. Long story short, it was light (not blonde) and was not hot like Britney. Since then, I have rocked some more natural highlights: carmel, red, light brown tones. Time after time, I love one solid-color, a deep dark rich brown. My hair is in such great condition when it’s all one color. And, using a semi-permanent color every five to six weeks ensure the condition and overall health of my hair plus, my dark color still has dimension and shine versus a flat super dark look. Ah…. The joy of having a super talented hair dresser as a Mother. Gotta love it.}

With no hair color change in my foreseeable future I am faced with the decision of whether or not to bang. I have had bangs for years! Last year around wedding time, I began to grow them out (just a little) to create more of a swoop effect for the big day. I cut them once after the wedding and have been growing them out since (with the exception of the one chunk getting caught in our shitty blowdryer I have been using since my nice one burned out on me). I have a big forehead, so I feel like bangs are critical to my life, hence the reason I have nearly almost always had them. I love the low-maintenance of my now longer bangs (below the nose)… Pull them back in a headband, easily pin them back with bobby pins, tuck them into my high pony tail… etc. The part I am not so sure of is everyday down wear. I cannot decide- does this look even work for me? I get mixed reviews but trust the brutally honest opinion of my youngest Sister, Emily. She likes them long, and so does Mikey.

I have some serious, life-altering decisions to make as the Fall season approaches: to bang, or not to bang?



Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ariana Marie Rice

Ariana rocking the cute little outfit I got her and headband I made her!

Mikey and I took four days off of work, packed our bags and headed to Kentucky to stay with (my sister-in-law) Alicia and Jon and to meet their new new little bundle of {pure} joy, Ariana Marie Rice. One-month old two days ago, Ariana is thee most precious little baby girl, as you can see from the pictures.

I cannot wait to see them all (Ariana in particular, LOL) when they travel to Utah for Christmas.

Baby hungry? A little bit, I will not lie... but man is she a lot of work! For now, I love to hold her and play with her every second I can but hand to her to Mommy when it's time to eat, {ETC.}!!!

Carrie Bradshaw moment:
With all of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, never-ending bills and debt and lack of the "ideal situation;" when are you actually ready?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Jaima's Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Bash

I do not get to do it often, but I have a passion for planning parties and all that it entails. Details details details! In celebration of Jaima getting married on October 9th, Megan, Alex and I {the bridesmaids} hosted a fun shower and bachelorette celebration in her honor. Being so into planning, organizing and "crafting" I headed the event and had a blast doing it!

Jaima has been given showers by family and family friends - but I wanted to be sure that she had a shower with her girlfriends as well. Knowing that I wanted to do a bachelorette bash as well, I thought combining the two would be perfect! We mailed out these personalized invitations to close girlfriends ...

Now, the fun planning began.

Some of the prep:
My house was a disaster for days, cluttered with ribbon, paper, pictures, etc. My little baby Honda carried decor, and desserts, and more oh my!
SO inspired by Amy Atlas and her incredible dessert tables, I decided to do something on a smaller scale, but still beautiful and delicious! This table was the focal point, and my pride and joy, of the entire party! Each of us girls, Megan, Alex and I made a couple of desserts to showcase on the table and fill the tipsy tummies of the girls at the party. I gave each dessert a wedding-themed name and with the help of my designer Kenji, we created dessert name tags. To coordinate, I made two "Bride to Be" banners, one for the bar and one for the dessert table. Using the same color scheme and type as the dessert tags!
The theme of the party was inspired by the traditional bachelorette black and pink decor, with an added twist of homemade touches and damask linens.

Delicious Greek buffet from City Greek.
We served chicken gyros with all of the toppings and sides!Drink mixing station!
A tribute to Jaima and her kissy face...
pictures from the last 5 years or so of thee famous Jaima Kissy face!
The table... filled with seven tasty selections, pink sugar-rimmed glasses
and coordinating touches ..
These strawberry-infused, Blushing Bride Cakes were topped with strawberry cream cheese frosting were delightful. The strawberry flavor in the cupcakes and frosting came from my recent homemade jam... I added a generous amount in both and they came out fabulously! I created the rich chocolate flavor from an ample amount of
Hershey's cocoa powder... SO good!Alex made this tasty Partay Parfait... Vanilla wafers,
raspberry pudding and raspberries... so good and so cute in the champagne glass!
Alex also made these delicious blonde brownies
and the vodka soaked watermelon (both to die for)!Megan made these perfect pink heel sugar cookies and penis-shaped cupcakes... so professional it's a wonder they do not carry both of these items in ALL bakeries!Pink sugar rimmed martini glasses and decorated wine bottles were fun, girly details added to the table for variety and height. The Bride-to-Be and Me!
Jaima got some great gifts... canisters, kitchen accessories, gift cards and sexy lingerie!

We wrapped the party up and headed to Habits... Jaima's favorite dance spot, and mine!

Love making posters more than anything...
one reason I loved student government so much! LOL
We all had an incredible evening... sweat, sore legs and plenty of drinks for all of us! I am so happy for my best friend of 11 years. Cheers to her Wedding Day only 32 days away!

I lalalalove party planning. If you are ever looking for help, or someone to coordinate an entire event (party, shower, wedding, etc.) please do not hesitate to contact me.
I am for hire! Depending on your needs, vision and budget - we can negotiate!

Sidenote: I was a bride-to-be just over a year ago. My how time flies!!!