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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The simple joys of apartment living

Nestled back in off of Highland Drive, 45 seconds from 2-15 and a nicely decorated apartment make what we call home a nice place to live. We have an apartment with newer cabinets, flooring, counters and appliances... all dark and nice. Our patio is covered by a large tree and we have a lovely view of the pond, waterfall and pool.

All of these magnificent apartment living features makes you want one, right? {LOL}

I have to say, we have been lucky to have neighbors not complain about our random dance parties and that are not wild themselves. Of course we deal with the occasional loud-walking above us (which makes me want to punch the ceiling and scream) but the people across from us... they are the real gems.

Our across the way neighbors have lived there for about six months or so I would say. We have seen them 20 or so times, each awkward as we always say "hello" and they barely lift their heads to say "hi" or kind of nod.

We noticed when they moved in that they had the potential to be a little different from us, which is great. We love all kinds, we love different. Skinny guy, scroungy and greasy looking, and a girl with consistently greasy hair in high buns wearing basketball shorts and hoodies ALL year long. OK

Next came their door mat. We keep a "cute" door mat at our front door for our guests and us to wipe our feet on, plus it's just cute. Our neighbors have a welcoming pirate-like doormat that I believe is intended for use in a 14-year-old boy's bathroom.
The best part is the ash tray full of Marlboro's on their patio and the waft of nasty-ass, smokey, dirty and infected air that leaves their apartment when they walk out. If we are leaving or arriving at the same time, I hold my breath. I feel for the next people who live there.

Home is where the heart is.

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