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Monday, September 27, 2010

"How TV career women influence at-work style"

I read this article on CNN and had to share as I am completely influenced by TV's career women. After watching a successful, powerful and well-dressed career woman on TV, I am inspired to get up the next morning and put myself together nicely with a pencil skirt, a cardigan, heels and full hair and makeup, etc....

Check the article out here:
How TV career women influence at-work style

Not only do I love the style inspiration these women offer, I love the them!

My new favorite kick-ass woman: Peggy Olson. In a time when men were the sole bread winners with career positions that were not even available to women, Peggy advanced from a secretary to a copy writer (with her own office too). Slowly but surely, her physical transformation is also taking place in this time of advancement. I love the way Peggy can hang with the boys at Sterling Cooper!
Samantha Jones... a PR professional, and a sexy one at that. Smart, connected, outspoken and fabulous. While her promiscuity is a bit out of control... to each her own. Samantha's loyalty to her girlfriends and her successful career, coupled with her style make her fab!

Betty Suarez and Wilhemina Slater from Mode Magazine. . .
Betty had me the day she walked into Mode in her pancho, LOL. Betty worked her ass off to get to where she wanted to be, taking on mindless tasks and "bitch" work along the way... which gives me hope in some instances when I am stuck working on mindless projects!
Wilhemina - fashion and beauty icon, ruthless and heartless business woman. While she is a conniving backstabber, I cannot help but love her. She is gorg!
Nancy Botwin - single mother slangin' marijuana to raise her family. HILArious and shows how savvy this soccer Mom really is! Regardless of what she is selling, Nancy has an amazing body and is one of the hottest soccer Moms!
These are just a few of the TV women whose style and professional success are an inspiration to me.

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