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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To bang, or not to bang.

With fall in the air and sweaters and boots in the closet, the new season means hair changes for many of us ladies. Adding warm rich colors to a head full of summer highlights and perhaps a style change. This summer I ran with a few months of highlights throughout my whole head but then opted to switch back to my regular dark color (minus the red nowadays) half-way through the summer.

{Side story: Like most of us, good or bad, I have had my fair share of the days of light hair. Naturally, I have a more golden tones in my brown hair than I tend to show off… within about 1.5 months after a color, you can see golden brown roots. I have come to find that no one would guess this, thanks to my incredible colorist, thanks Mom, and the fact that I simply look better with dark hair. Circa freshman year of high school, 1999, I was SO into Britney Spears and wanted to look like her. I begged and begged my Mom to add more and more highlights to my hair each time we colored it. Long story short, it was light (not blonde) and was not hot like Britney. Since then, I have rocked some more natural highlights: carmel, red, light brown tones. Time after time, I love one solid-color, a deep dark rich brown. My hair is in such great condition when it’s all one color. And, using a semi-permanent color every five to six weeks ensure the condition and overall health of my hair plus, my dark color still has dimension and shine versus a flat super dark look. Ah…. The joy of having a super talented hair dresser as a Mother. Gotta love it.}

With no hair color change in my foreseeable future I am faced with the decision of whether or not to bang. I have had bangs for years! Last year around wedding time, I began to grow them out (just a little) to create more of a swoop effect for the big day. I cut them once after the wedding and have been growing them out since (with the exception of the one chunk getting caught in our shitty blowdryer I have been using since my nice one burned out on me). I have a big forehead, so I feel like bangs are critical to my life, hence the reason I have nearly almost always had them. I love the low-maintenance of my now longer bangs (below the nose)… Pull them back in a headband, easily pin them back with bobby pins, tuck them into my high pony tail… etc. The part I am not so sure of is everyday down wear. I cannot decide- does this look even work for me? I get mixed reviews but trust the brutally honest opinion of my youngest Sister, Emily. She likes them long, and so does Mikey.

I have some serious, life-altering decisions to make as the Fall season approaches: to bang, or not to bang?




  1. Machel my sister Maddy and I face this decision every year ha ha! I'm rocking the long bang this year... as you said it - low maintenance... and i feel as though it suits me better (for now)... the swoop is so in.

    ha ha! goodluck.. sista!

  2. LOL... I am glad you are facing this issue as well. Thanks for the swoop reassurance! XO