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Monday, September 6, 2010

Jaima's Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Bash

I do not get to do it often, but I have a passion for planning parties and all that it entails. Details details details! In celebration of Jaima getting married on October 9th, Megan, Alex and I {the bridesmaids} hosted a fun shower and bachelorette celebration in her honor. Being so into planning, organizing and "crafting" I headed the event and had a blast doing it!

Jaima has been given showers by family and family friends - but I wanted to be sure that she had a shower with her girlfriends as well. Knowing that I wanted to do a bachelorette bash as well, I thought combining the two would be perfect! We mailed out these personalized invitations to close girlfriends ...

Now, the fun planning began.

Some of the prep:
My house was a disaster for days, cluttered with ribbon, paper, pictures, etc. My little baby Honda carried decor, and desserts, and more oh my!
SO inspired by Amy Atlas and her incredible dessert tables, I decided to do something on a smaller scale, but still beautiful and delicious! This table was the focal point, and my pride and joy, of the entire party! Each of us girls, Megan, Alex and I made a couple of desserts to showcase on the table and fill the tipsy tummies of the girls at the party. I gave each dessert a wedding-themed name and with the help of my designer Kenji, we created dessert name tags. To coordinate, I made two "Bride to Be" banners, one for the bar and one for the dessert table. Using the same color scheme and type as the dessert tags!
The theme of the party was inspired by the traditional bachelorette black and pink decor, with an added twist of homemade touches and damask linens.

Delicious Greek buffet from City Greek.
We served chicken gyros with all of the toppings and sides!Drink mixing station!
A tribute to Jaima and her kissy face...
pictures from the last 5 years or so of thee famous Jaima Kissy face!
The table... filled with seven tasty selections, pink sugar-rimmed glasses
and coordinating touches ..
These strawberry-infused, Blushing Bride Cakes were topped with strawberry cream cheese frosting were delightful. The strawberry flavor in the cupcakes and frosting came from my recent homemade jam... I added a generous amount in both and they came out fabulously! I created the rich chocolate flavor from an ample amount of
Hershey's cocoa powder... SO good!Alex made this tasty Partay Parfait... Vanilla wafers,
raspberry pudding and raspberries... so good and so cute in the champagne glass!
Alex also made these delicious blonde brownies
and the vodka soaked watermelon (both to die for)!Megan made these perfect pink heel sugar cookies and penis-shaped cupcakes... so professional it's a wonder they do not carry both of these items in ALL bakeries!Pink sugar rimmed martini glasses and decorated wine bottles were fun, girly details added to the table for variety and height. The Bride-to-Be and Me!
Jaima got some great gifts... canisters, kitchen accessories, gift cards and sexy lingerie!

We wrapped the party up and headed to Habits... Jaima's favorite dance spot, and mine!

Love making posters more than anything...
one reason I loved student government so much! LOL
We all had an incredible evening... sweat, sore legs and plenty of drinks for all of us! I am so happy for my best friend of 11 years. Cheers to her Wedding Day only 32 days away!

I lalalalove party planning. If you are ever looking for help, or someone to coordinate an entire event (party, shower, wedding, etc.) please do not hesitate to contact me.
I am for hire! Depending on your needs, vision and budget - we can negotiate!

Sidenote: I was a bride-to-be just over a year ago. My how time flies!!!


  1. looks like you all had tons of fun, and i have to say that everything turned out majestically. fabulous job! (and now i'm craving those cupcakes, btw.)

  2. A beyond fabulous PARTY! Could not have been more perfect!!! Love you sista!!!! Thanks for everything!!!