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Monday, September 20, 2010


I will be the first to admit, I am not perfect. I have bad hair days, I weigh more than I should, eat more than I should and quite possibly wear things that I should not. All the while, I do work diligently to be an attractive and stylish human, some days playing a victim of laziness with not-so-cute hair and barely there makeup paired with a random outfit.
It has repeatedly come to my attention that some people leave the house when they uh, shouldn't. Backless dresses, criss-cross dresses and tops, halter tops, etc. are all pieces of clothing that call for a strapless bra, and in some cases no bra or possibly a backless mechanism. Yes, I get it... in some instances showing your bra is fashionable and appropriate.

I am a huge advocate of "to each their own," but come on! I saw a girl at the mall on Saturday with a kinda fancy dress on at 3:00 in the afternoon, think halter, low back and plunging neckline in a thin clingy cotton. Pair this combination with a hot pink lace bra, which could be seen from all angles: front, back and sides; also see complete wedgy thanks to the thin clingy material, a thong and a nice booty; to make this site even better... the plunging neckline happened to also be the holder of what looked to be like this gal's travel size Bath and Body Works lotion. I am for real.
I love every human, every girl and every women for the individual and unique style, even when I am a bit jealous inside because they look so wonderful... but... WHY? Why leave the house in a get-up that should never be all put together in the first place? Someone needs to invest in the multi-wear bra at Vickie's, or maybe even some petals.

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