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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pucker Up

Among a long list of items-yet another thing I cannot get enough of? Lip products, and in particular gloss. I have a lot of different shades, but most of them are fairly similar: high shine, tint of pink and look SO pretty all brand new and full in their tubes.

There is nothing like a brand new gloss. The tube is full, the wand is clean and beautiful and I feel like it just goes on better. Ah... it makes me crave a new one just describing it!

Pencils, lip stick and gloss ... these are a few of MY favorite things.

My go to colors/products:

MAC's Subculture and Whirl liners
While I own a handful more and wear them on a semi-regular basis, I can always count on one of these two to pair perfectly with all shades of my lipstick and also just a gloss. I love using a liner with gloss because it adds a bit more color and definition, eliminates the chances of the gloss running and often creates a more polished look.

As for lipstick, during the summer I nearly always opt for a light pink, punched up with one of my liners and topped with gloss. I like the idea of darkening it up for fall and winter, I have the products but I am still not sold on the fact that I look decent in it. I love ALL Viva Glam colors, and I happen to own them all - they are a bit darker that Fabby and Angel, but still not over the top for me.

Gloss: I love all things gloss. I do not care where it's from, who makes it or what size it is. If it's gloss, ring me up! This collection is just what I keep in my cabinet. At the end of each month I have to empty my purse because my color selection is weighing me down. I always like to keep options at my desk at work too. You just never know what you may feel like!

Now... each morning when I leave, I do full lips... the day goes on and inevitably, I look like shit because I rarely go about the process again and normally opt for just gloss. I think... just gloss is also just fine. Just a tad of color and shine immediately brightens my face.
But to dress things up - add a liner!!!

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