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Sunday, September 19, 2010

I've gone MAD.

I have heard about, I have seen a character here and there but a few weeks ago- I experienced it for myself. Mad Men.

I am thoroughly obsessed with the story, the characters and the STYLE. Beautiful dresses, red lips, women with hips, pearls, high-waisted pants, the list truly goes on and on... they style is fabulous. Drinking and smoking nearly 24-hours a day. . . I want a bar in my office!

While season four is currently on air, we are slowly but surely catching up. Getting two discs at a time from Netflix. Half-way through season two, I can safely say, this is most definitely one of my very favorite series (Sex and the City and Sopranos I always hold dear to my heart).

Sure, there are a list of reasons why thus far in the series where I feel compelled to hate Don Draper. But, I put our differences aside and love him time after time. He is brilliant, and not to mention good looking (fantastic style as well).
Let me introduce you to Joan. To me, she is the epitome of a beautiful, sexy woman. She is smart, curvy and gorgeous. Take it how you will, but she has mastered the skill of using her sexuality to get exactly what she wants. Do I have a crush on Joan? I think so.
Betty Draper, January Jones... gorgeous. Her style is incredible, her tiny body is Perfect and really - she is just beautiful!
Style inspiration? I think so!

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