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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MMM good

With a passion for food and a major craving for soup, it is my goal to try some new soups... recipes I find and ones that I make up in my head (using all of the leftover items in the fridge from the previous week). This particular soup is one that I made up in my head, and emptied the produce drawer at the same time.

1. I boiled chicken breasts in a tasty "stock" (got that pro lingo from my Mom) with chicken bouillon, celery and onion {boil until thoroughly cooked}
{at this point, your home smells amazing and you are creating delicious chicken that will shred easily and is FULL of flavor {{Bland, no-taste chicken makes me want to PUKE}}

I just get rid of this stock and start all-over for my soup broth, which is for sure unnecessary, but it is the way I prefer to make it so I do not have random little bits of chicken and such... you can just use this broth as it's super flavorful for your soup...

2. I just chopped up what I had in my fridge, but by all means... throw in all the veggies that you desire! I used carrots, red pepper, onion and parsley (and peas from the freezer). I normally like cilantro, but parsley is what I had.
3. I then added water and chicken bouillon (chicken broth, the more chicken-y the better), all my veggies, my chicken, wagon wheel noodles and really random spices...
4. I let the soup just blend together on low for a bit and then it's ready to serve!

It turned out SO tasty and it made a TON!
I froze on large container, took two smaller ones for our lunches and another one for a later dinner. SO convenient for later meals and so delicious every time!

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