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Monday, October 11, 2010

It's all in the details

With my passion for coordinating events, and doing a fab job at it, I would love the opportunity to plan an event/party for a "client." Yes, I am totally new to the industry, but I do have enthusiasm for a perfectly planned soiree and tons of fresh ideas.

Being the neurotic human that I am, a detail does not go untouched.

With my growing interest, I am dying to help someone plan an event as a consultant... and even do some of the dirty work, because I love it! While some things can be outsourced, I have way too much fun creating and crafting to delegate it all.

(PPBH does not put me on agency event planning because I don't ROCK at it)!!! I am currently working on my second agency event this year, managing the entire event!

In the last year, my designer-friend Kenji and I have created (he does the actual design work) wedding invitations and coordinating print collateral, two logos and a website ... we are working to pull some of our pieces together to display on here.

OK, that's all. I just had to say it again... I AM FOR HIRE.

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