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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I get it.
I do it.
And I implement this practice with caution.
Caution. That is all I am asking.
What practice? The practice of not washing your hair daily.

I often although not always, wash my hair every other day. While I claim it helps my color last longer, I am truly just lazy some mornings and can get away with it no longer than every other day.
While rocking dirty hair, I am sure to either: a) wear it all back including bangs, b) wash the front section of my hair, c) use dry shampoo.
While occasionally I utilize only one method, more often than not, dirty hair days require the utilization of all three aforementioned options. I understand some people go longer, and they can go longer than every other day. If you are one of these people, I know a bunch of you, I envy you. You are lucky to have thick hair of a beautiful texture that allows you to maintain your color, healthier locks with less hot tool damage and well... to be lazy. Depending on the texture of an individual's hair that is acceptable assuming it does not wreak havoc on the noses or eyes around you (think smelly greasy hair). Be sure to read the fine print!

I have definitely been in situations where I literally have had to hold my breath (yes I am sensitive to smell) so I do not have to take in the whiff of DIRTY, oily hair.

Today as I sat in a presentation with local professionals from SLC, I could not help myself but to look around the room and notice the women of all ages with dirty, matted, ugly hair. In my opinion, this is not professional. GET a hand mirror. Just because your 'do may look okay in the front... check out the back, especially if you are rocking a shorter style. Bed head is NOT professional or acceptable. And not only was I seeing bed head messes in front of me, but OILY, dirty undid hairdos.

If doing the not-washed hair, it is critical to take the proper precautions (see a,b,c above).
If you have any dirty hair tips to share, please comment and fill me in on your dirty little secret. :)

Neurotic, I know.
With my Mom in the hair business, I may be a bit more psychotic about this than most. Growing up with a Mom who could spot, by sight and smell, un-fresh locks, meant me washing my hair every day. She says there is nothing worse than having to work on a dirty head...

I just had to vent.


  1. Heeeha I think you're mom's advice could relate to other aspects of life as well ;)

  2. okay... so that was slightly inappropriate. And I second your dirty hair scent sensitivity. ew.

  3. Brittany - LOL, amen on all accounts!

  4. I just wanted to put it out there that there is a newer product out that is a powder that not only sucks up oil but it gives volume. i have recommended this to all my clients who "use" to wash their hair everyday and they love it!!! my favorite one if from Kevin Murphy and its called Powder Puff