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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Local Royalty

Okay, not really. But...
Utah Bride & Groom - HELLO!

We all know how obsessed I am over weddings in general, but obviously our Wedding is a major obsession, and rightfully so. I worked hard to make the day perfect for Mikey and I, and it totally was! A party, a celebration, a day to be remembered forever!

I could not wait to get my hands on the 2011 edition of Utah Bride & Groom. I was contacted by our photographer, Melissa Kelsey, months and months ago, asking for my permission to submit some wedding photos to UB&G. Um, hell yes of course! Months later, Melissa contacted me letting me know UB&G had chose a picture of Mikey and my bridesmaids; elated they would be in the mag, I have to admit I was slightly disappointed that me, the Bride, did not make it in.

Months later, a flip through the magazine totally made my day - and you can see why!
The coveted 2011 edition
(I feel like Miranda Priestly cherishing
MY version of Runway magazine)

My sexy groom bowling in the index...
The bowling alley photo was featured in the
Boys' Night Out section of the mag
My BFFs/beautiful Bridesmaids and my husband
featured in the Ladies in Waiting section

Lastly... what I least expected (LOL) but so happy to see:
Mikey and I featured in
The Wedding Album

I know I am nerd. Nonetheless, I was extremely anxious to share this with family and friends, and revere this particular issue of Utah Bride & Groom. Talk about a great thing to show the kids!


  1. Nice! You aren't a nerd; you're just proud (rightfully so)! I am still ticked I missed your wedding! It looks like it was beautiful!