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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In Loving Memory . . .

Nearly each year {and certainly each year from here on out} we take about a 2.5 hour drive to Loa, Utah to visit the grave of our beloved Brother and Son, Clinton Ray Whetman.
Before my Dad married my Mom, he was married to Christine (Chris) and they had a son on May 26, 1979. Whether it was weekends or holidays with my Mom, Dad Clint and then Whitney, or later on in life- weekends with us three kids and Dad- I have fond memories of Clint. He was such a proud big brother and so much fun too!
Four days before his 14th birthday, Clint was in a fatal motorcycle accident at the sand dunes. He was buried on his 14th birthday, May 26, 1993.
We always cherish the times and memories that we all shared together. He is forever missed and loved. His smile and voice are unforgettable.

This year, my Dad, Whitney and I took the day to drive down there. We spent some time at the grave and enjoyed being there. We after met up with Chris as she lives in Loa. Whitney and I were more than thrilled when we went back to her house where she shared with us and my Dad some things of Clint's: baby blankets, the little outfit they brought him home from the hospital in, 'bear', his baseball mits and a few other keepsakes. Whitney and I each were given two of his baby blankets. Beautiful blankets and priceless treasures.
This year we truly enjoyed our visit down, our time at the grave and our time with Chris. We cannot thank her enough for being so generous as to share these special items with us.

Ah... so, now that you want to cry and after we all did... we did enjoy a delicious greasy meal from Mom's Cafe and lots of junk food on the drive!

We love and miss you Clinton!!!

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