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Monday, May 24, 2010

Hair & Makeup for the Bride... Jamba!

Having been besties for years and years, I know how extremely picky and stuck in her ways Jaima is. This can be both a good and a bad thing. Knowing herself that she can be a bit neurotic when it comes to hair and makeup, and especially new ideas, Jaima asked muuuah to do her hair and makeup for her and Chris' engagement pictures. I lalalalove doing things of this nature, even if I have to tell my client to "shut the hell up" and "just let me do my thang."
So- as I told the beautiful Bride to shut it and deal with what I was about to do... she cooperated and ended up looking so gorgeous. Jaima looks great everyday, but we added some drama (and more makeup than usual) to her everyday self and she looked stunning, and totally picture ready!

I went through ALL of my makeup and pulled the colors and tools I wanted to try, packed up my 'caboodle' and some hair tools and went on my merry way to meet my client.

Jaima has really thick hair... I wanted it more curled than her normal curled days and full of bounce and body. Will she hate me for posting this pic? Possibly... but she looks great so I don't even give a care. I took fairly small sections and spritzed the strands with Redken's Hot Sets 22 (one of my favorite thermal setting sprays), wrapped it around my 1" iron and then pinned each curl. After setting for about 30-40 minutes, I took out each curl and sprayed her whole head with Bed Head's shine spray- amazing for separating curls. At this point Jaima is freaking out like expected, not wanting her to curls to resemble those of when she was about 7; "OMG, (nervously laughing) this is really curly Machel, like too curly." Yeah, it was curly but... her hair is so thick and heavy I knew the would relax and fall.

Because Jaima literally has flawless skin (no blemishes- ever, no blotchiness, no pores and beautiful olive coloring) she opts to not wear face makeup: concealer, foundation and powder. The items I cannot live without. As a huge believe of the light-coverage MAC Mineralize products that I use, I persuaded her to purchase these items as they are critical for these pictures, bridals and the wedding day. Yes, I am the artist for all of these events.

Due to her great complexion, eye color, hair color and outfit selection (which I will not spoil here) we went for some great neutral colors and just amped it up with a more heavier-than-normal application.
We used some of my most fave colors....

(All MAC colors)
Painterly base: patted on from lash line to just above crease
Patina: lash line to just above crease, and a thin line on the lower lash line
Twinks: Blended from outer corner to mid-crease with a thin line on lower lash line
Orb: Brow bone to just above crease... blending the Twinks in beautifully
Blitz and Glitz fluidline: Heavier line on upper lid
Typographic: Bottom lash line
Engraved waterproof liner: on the inner rims
All of this topped off with curled lashes and a few coats of black mascara...

Nars' (I hate to say this, I really do) blush in Deep Throat

MAC's whirl liner, Viva MAC VI lipstick, Nars' Rage gloss

We used some MAC pigment in an opalescent shade to highlight around her eyes and cheekbones.

We are going to have a practice wedding day round and bridals, I will be sure to take more "in the midst of the action" shots to show more on application techniques, etc. I will be posting a few of Chris and Jaima's engagement pics on here once they get them to show their hot'ness and my great work in action!


  1. You were pretty much the shit and I think you should do this for a living! Although I did have my fears - the hair and makeup turned out awesome! Can't wait for your help on the next 2 big days! :) Thanks sista!!!

  2. your friend is beautiful and you did a terrific job playing up her beauty.

    and maybe i turned a little bit green with envy at your fabulous makeup collection.

  3. @Jaima- yes, you just have to trust the master, being me! Cannot wait for the next events!!!

    @Lauren - thank you! It has really dwindled, I plan to add more... :)

  4. AH! This is great! CONGRATS JAMBA!