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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Instant Glamour... Pull It All Back

Whether you are having a bad hair day, a bad bang day, a fabulous hair day or want to mix things up a bit from what you normally do- pulling all of your hair back is thee best solution (in my opinion).
Reasons I pull all of my hair back vary... I sometimes go every-other-day between washing my hair, for me second day hair requires the full pull back. My bangs that I am currently growing out may be clean but going totally crazy and they would just serve me better pinned back. I may have totally clean and blown out hair, but I did not take the time to smooth it, so lets pull 'er back. Or... an all-back style may match perfectly with my outfit. Whatever the reason, like my love for ponytails, all pulled back pair just does me so right. It can change an on-the-verge-of-being-slutty-outfit into a totally sleek and sexy look. It can transform jeans, a t-shirt and some cute accessories from so-so to so-fab. It accompanies super-dramatic eyes and cheeks perfectly.
With my current bang growing situation, I find these styles to be rather inspiring. Pair these fancy styles with your everyday looks and you have a killer combination!

The curls, the side bun and the "pulled out" curls make this more of a fancy 'do. This would be ideal for date night or a summer wedding.

I love Nikki's spin on a childhood favorite... two french braids all grown up. I assume they are connected in the back and maybe tucked under bun'ish style.

Um- I want to look like Kate. Period. She is amazing and a big fan of all-back hair. I love the body in this one and the loose, more casual curls of the one above.

I think Hillary always look great. I love this messy bun with tons of volume on top.

Always perfectly put-together... I love the volume of both styles and how curls are worked in as well.

The last month or so I have tried a number of these looks. They turn our best when I have curled my hair and my curls are still smooth and bouncy.
(For more pull-backed style pics and more, check out People magazine's website where I pulled these ones from).


  1. Love it! It is nice having long hair, but I find myself pulling my hair back daily!

  2. Me too Monique. I cannot think of the last time I wore my hair down and KEPT it down all day. I feel better when it's back! But, I am not ready to chop it!