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Sunday, May 9, 2010

My investment in make-up brushes

Part of being the (wanna be) make-up "guru" that I am requires all of the tools, right? That's what I think too. Brushes make a huge difference in the application of your make-up. I have seriously invested in some fabulous brushes... almost all MAC brushes. Unless you're a baller, it takes time to accumulate a brush collection. I realize that there are more luxurious (meaning expensive) brushes than the ones I use, mine are my high-end choice . . .
Some invest in stocks & real estate, I invest in make-up & beauty tools.
I have had my fair share of inexpensive brushes... and they do not last long, nor do they make applying your make-up easy. The more you DO with your make-up, the more important quality brushes become. A dramatic look requires more make-up, thus requiring more tools.

Being the product junkie that I am, there is something that makes me feel prettier when I have the time to utilize each brush for its own detailed purpose. Extra processes, and taking over an hour to get ready automatically makes me feel more glam.

Check out MAC's Brush Finder. Lancome Foundation Brush. Bobbi Brown Eyeliner Brush.

I am doing Jaima's hair and make-up in a couple of weeks for her and Chris' engagement pictures... check back to see these tools in action and how they impact the result of a super-foxy bride!

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