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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Mani and I ...

This one goes back to my roots... where I thought getting a new color of polish to coordinate with your lipstick was something everyone did every few weeks at the Estee Lauder and Lancome counters - thanks Mom.
This has to do with my passion for products. Variety. Wide Selection. The More the Merrier.
I find it therapeutic to give myself a good mani every five days... I am painting a couple of times a week. Making Mikey cringe at the sound of my file shaping my nails. I also bask in the joy of keeping my toes perfectly polished every seven days as well.
I always start by soaking my cuticles in warm water with a gentle moisturizing soap (I usually use some bubble bath or shampoo). I push my cuticles back with my metal pusher and trim them too. Huge pain once you start, you have to keep up with it every few days. I used to always use a primer, but I do not always have the time or patience for that. I do however ALWAYS use a top coat. My Mom told me about a new she recently tried, I plan to get it soon and let you know what I think!

There is nothing like a freshly-painted mani or pedi... it's like instance confidence boost. It helps me to feel more put together and just hella fresh! Whether I choose a light neutral, a soft pastel, a hot pink or a bright or deep red... it just makes my outfits feel much more complete. Manicured is a good way to put it!
My color selections change with the seasons... here are my favorites right now! (Do I love OPI? Yes! I also really love Essie's line).

A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find - My Mom picked this one up for me and I was unsure about how orange it is... it looks great on. I like it on my hands, but love it on my toes!

That's Berry Daring... so great for summer and I love it on my hands and toes!
Dutch Tulips... a classic fav for me. I love everything about this bright red!
A Shorts Story - my Sister Emily was
rocking this Barbie pink a few weeks ago
and I obsessed over it until I became an owner.
This is thee perfect pink for summer.
Lucky Lucky Lavender... love this color, it is more subtle than the other
but still packs a punch of Summer color!
My Sister, Emily, introduced me to Shrek Forever After Collection.
I am in love with Rummple's Wiggin'... a really pale lilac.

If you have an absolute favorite color, please share it here!!!

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