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Monday, June 14, 2010


One of our latest tasting adventures:
Castello Monaci's Primitivo Piluna 2008

My new love of bolder reds has led me to want to try more and more Italian reds. Mikey loves red wine at its boldest; the deeper, richer and more intense, the better. I am now just starting to feel this passion toward the spicy and audacious flavors found in these Italian wines.

The Castello Monaci winery is located in Italy... "Not far from the town and the sea, on the road which goes from Lecce to Taranto, at the gates of Salice Salentino, surrounded by centuries-old vegetation, are located the vineyards of Castello Monaci." Uh- yes please!

I did some research on the Primitivo grape, and what I found was super interesting:
Recent testing has shown Primitivo to have the same genetic make up as the popular California grape, Zinfandel. Wines made from Primitivo have the same notes of plum and spice, like Zinfandel, but different growing soils and climate, change the grape characteristics.

I loved this delicious wine...
It was fierce. Fruity. Hints of chocolate. Simple. Rustic.

I loved that it paired perfectly with our chicken and mozzarella raviolis, but also enhanced the flavors of my chocolate dessert. What makes this wine even more exciting? You're getting a TON of bang for your buck at only around $13/ bottle.

Have you tried this wine before? If so, please comment on your rating!

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