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Monday, June 7, 2010

The Art of thee Eyebrow

We have all been there: a boring night, you sitting in the bathroom sink with your face up against the mirror plucking away. Caught up in the moment, you have officially over-plucked your once perfect brows. Once I get going I have to remind myself, "Machel, put down the tweezers." While I pluck every day, or every couple days, I leave the major shaping to waxing about once a month. Clean-up maintenance, fine. But to get the perfect shape, the perfect arch, the perfect thickness, I suggest you see a professional.
I LOVE my good eyebrow days. They are usually the days after a wax and color. One of my favorite things in life: getting my eyebrows dyed. It gets all my light hairs that normally don't show up to SHOW up, thickening my brows, intensifying my look and making me feel more Kardashian'ish. Between these color sessions, I fill my brows in with MAC's Handwritten eye shadow, using their brush #260. I tap my brush in the color, tap off the excess and apply the color starting at the arch and working my way down to the end and then fill in the 'beginning' portion of my brown (the thickest section), doing this section last so it does not look evil being too dark.
If you have over-plucked, no worries. Let them grown in for a bit and then make an appointment with a professional so they can shape your brow and you can continue to let them fill in from there. There are 'waxers' at merely every salon where you already go to get your hair done, so call your salon and find out who can do it. {My Mom does mine}.

Brow Inspiration:
The Kardashian family all have amazing brows- bold, dark and thick!

A small thing, your brows, can make a big difference in your face. Your overall appearance becomes more polished and dramatic.

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