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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby Shower, Part I

My Sister-in-Law Alicia is due with her first baby (girl) on August 14th! I do have two nephews, Ayden and Brandon, and this new addition will be my first "born while I knew ya" child. Obviously, I am super excited. Alicia lives in Wilder, Kentucky- so pretty damn far away. We are lucky that she travels here about twice a year so we get to her often (not often enough) and Mikey and I have been out there once and plan to visit again once the baby is born. While they are not certain on the spelling, I believe they are leaning toward Ariana. Darling!
Okay, all of this background leads up to my excitement, and joy in life lately... Alicia is here in Utah now (for Easter). Patti, Linda and I are throwing her an early baby shower while she is in town this coming Saturday, April 10. Falling under my "things I am neurotic about" button happens to be a new activity: hosting a baby shower! OMG- I am so into it. I mean, yes, I frequent Michael's on a regular basis irregardless of party planning. I do not even really know what I get there... debit card statement has me hittin' up Michael's at least once every other week. I look for any excuse to go too: I have an extra $20, John is our new neighbor, it's someone's bday and they need a card, etc.
Back to the point: Can I please be a professional baby shower planner? Soon-to-be Moms are much more pleasant than most brides too, equaling a better and more positive experience for all of those involved.
I cannot wait to post pics and details about the shower in just a few days. I am just SO excited for this event that I had to share my pre-excitement. I cannot even imagine what I could do with a fat budget... the possibilities.
Not only have I gone mad with decor and details of the event, I have become a creator/crafter of a new project that I love. Cannot wait to unveil this as well.

Phew- got this off my chest. Now, back to the Martha Stewart site and posh baby sites that I adore so much!


  1. I can testify to the obsessed part. It's true. But I can also attest to the fact that this shower is going to be great! When you go pro, can I be your assistant? It's true, the teacher really has become the student.

  2. I love when you say this... "the teacher has become the student..." True or not, it makes me feel important and accomplished. You will always be the craft master, which is a position I aspire for. :)