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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

#4: Pass the Hempz Please

You heard me pass the HEMPZ... A higher state of hair care.

I have tried a slew of hairsprays in my {25} years of life. Attractive bottles, names and scents all suck me in. Beyond my "judging a book by its cover" approach to finding the perfect hairspray, I require a spray that provides hold while still allowing for movement and does not coat my hair in a way that makes my dark color look dull, all while smelling delightful. With dark hair especially, you must be aware of the products that make your hair look dry and cause build-up, seriously unattractive and unavoidable with crappy products.
For the last few years (4+ years) I have been using Hempz Firm Hold Shaping Spray. I love love love the fresh fragrance, not overpowering but does indeed smell fresh. I use this whether I keep my hair straight, curl it or securing a pony, etc. It provides a perfect hold for me and my hair style and does not prevent my hair from having movement. My rich, dark color maintains it shine and luster without being dulled from product build up or a layer of white 'ish spray that some hairsprays give off.

The product description... Hold and protect your style. Ultra-fine mist allows styling flexibility and long-lasting hold. Hemp seed oil and extract combined with proteins and silicones protect hair from humidity and environmental stress, while powerful UV-protection helps prevent color fading.

I have tried a number of their products and have great things to say about all of them though this and their body moisturizer are my two favorites. Another fab feature: price! $18

Get your Bob Marley on and enjoy the awesome products the Hempz line has to offer!

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