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Thursday, April 8, 2010

THEME & Location Location Location.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

2:00 Ceremony at St. Thomas More Catholic Church
6:00 Dinner and Dancing Reception at Willow Creek Country Club

Like a lot of Brides out there (I assume) with an unlimited budget you could really go big: venue, food, attire, florals, decor, etc. Also like a lot of Brides out there (I assume) my 'parentals' gave me a budget and I was more than appreciative with what I had to work with, and I did a great job! Our Wedding Day was perfect, and with 18 months to plan I certainly did my due diligence on all vendors and options.

I have a fairly conservative style but I like to take edgier (so to speak) risks from time-to-time; I am not afraid to wear ANYthing, unless I am just too fat for it. I love trendy pieces in my life- be fashion, home decor or hairstyles but for "major" things I most often opt for classic style.

Classic. Timeless. Elegant.
Black. Ivory. Hot Pink.

Do a number of Brides choose these three colors? Sure.
Do a lot Brides put it together as well as me? Hell to the no.

For me, it all started with venue selection.

St. Thomas More.
Modern design with clean lines and gorgeous bright-colored stained glass windows coupled with the slew of windows down each side of the church. The natural light is oh so bright and incredible. Most importantly, I could picture myself walking down this aisle. In addition, it is close to our little home, making it just perfect.

Willow Country Country Club.

Minutes away from the church as well just a good central location. Considering the weather in August I knew I wanted something both inside and outside. At WC I was able to take advantage of the two inside rooms (buffet room, dining room and bar) and the outside patio which was AMAzing. Beautiful day, bright blue skies, green golf course and lush colorful flowers... just what I was dreaming of.

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