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Monday, March 22, 2010

Pony here, pony there, I wear ponytails everywhere!

I LOVE ponytails- done right they look great at the gym full of spunk and energy, they look great at work low and loose and they look great out with a "fancier" outfit made from loose waves paired with the perfect accessories.
The ponytail has totally evolved from the days of NO bumps and scrunchies to a now more sophisticated look that can be worn literally everywhere.
I often hear people say, "I don't wear ponytails because I just cannot do them." What? Yes you can! I really do love ponytails. Yes, they are great for the days you skip out on washing your locks, but they are also ideal in freshly cleaned and curled hair, equaling a ton of volume and a fresh feel. My ponytails look best on the days I have just blown out my hair, add just a little wave with my 1.5" iron, a little bit of back combing in the back then put up in my handy elastic and... voila! Off to work, dinner or a night out with my fab pony!
Long ponytails are gorgeous but I love short ones too!

I love the loose waves framing the face on the pony below... this can totally be a dressy pony, or look perfect with a pair of jeans too.

All of the hair pulled back and volume looks fresh and sleek.
Bangs are thee pony's perfect accessory... it helps the look to be "done." Blunt and straight across the forehead or long and side-swept... they look fab. Wrap a small section of your pony around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin or two to cover the elastic and finish your pony off nicely.

Loosely pulled back with a ton of bouncy curls... great for a more formal event, or not!

I love where this pony sits... it is kind of cheerleader ish, and it's great. It is just so spunky!

Here is to a season of ponytails!!!


  1. Dear Machel,

    Thank You for entering the Beso Hunter Boot contest. I hope you are given the opportunity to wear these beige Hunter boots to spice up your fabulous spring-time wardrobe reflecting your edgy and fun style.

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  2. I know you've tried, but seriously, try again. I really need you to show me how to rock the ponytail.