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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Obsessed with: Make-Up ... Just the Beginning

It all began in 1990 with Hello Kitty cosmetics. They do not even make the kind they used to carry any more. I remember... Hello Kitty store in Fashion Place Mall (I believe). They had a small make-up counter on one wall in the store with an array of eye shadows, blushes, lip sticks and of course complementing nail polishes. Between my obsession with this line, routinely visiting the Lancome counter with my Mom and my Grandma letting me play in ALL of her make-up, I developed a passion for make-up. Owning it, playing with it, organizing it, applying it on other people and on myself.

I do NOT go all out all of the time. I am almost always in a hurry to get to wherever I am going, limiting the time I have to apply make-up. Do not let this lack of week day full make-up fool you. I of course have my essential products I use each and every day, but I also have the products I LOVE but cannot use everyone due to time constraints.

Keep in mind, I have not even purchased any make-up for like, seven months! I used to buy a new shadow, lip stick and so forth at least ONCE a week. You can see why it was critical for me to leave the retail industry...

Here is my (quick) everyday routine (Just the Beginning):

PREP: I start the morning with my white tea moisturizer that I have previously wrote about (one of my all-time fave products). I use it in the AM and PM.

FYI: Now, after chatting with girlfriends and such, I realize I use way more make-up on my simple days than most girls would consider simple. I am always cautious about NEVER having make-up face though! Usage tip: use all "facial" products (concealer, foundation, etc.) sparingly, especially if your skin is a bit dryer.

FACE: I first apply concealer; I switch off between Clinique's All About Eyes and Lancomes' Effacernes. If I am going out or if I am expecting to have a super-long day, I opt for Lancome- it's waterproof and lasts all day. Next I use one pump of MAC's Mineral Satin Finish Foundation (light coverage but it really evens out my skin tone and gives a nice finish), MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish Powder (I am sure to pat this under my eyes too to help prevent eyeliner and mascara messes), MAC's bronzer in Golden and of course a blush- usually Cubic, Prism or Pink Swoon.

Depending on the day I play my eyes up more... weekdays I usually stick to MY basics...

EYES: MAC's paint pot in Painterly (always prevents creasing and is fabulous when you are going for a darker eye and want to really pack color on), MAC's All That Glitters (I use this main color all-over my eye with nearly every look), Satin Taupe (perfect for a natural eye or you can really play it up and create a more smokey look) and Orb (the perfect matte blending color with the right shade of peach to avoid a "white out" eye). I top this simple look off with a thin line of MAC's Fluid Line in Blitz and Glitz (black) and if I want to take another 25 seconds, I go over that line with MAC's Typographic eyeshadow. Finally I lightly fill in my brows with Handwritten and put a coat of ANY mascara on my top lashes. (Mascara is the one item I will not run and grab a $30 tube of every 4 weeks)!

WHEW... good morning sunshine! These are my favorite every day products and colors... more fave products, colors and brushes to come soon!

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