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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Throw Pillows & Bathroom Accessories ...

At age four, when I began receiving routine perms for my fabulous long hair, I also learned a handful essential rules to live by from my Mom.

To name a few:
Match your nail polish and lip stick at the cosmetics counter
Never touch walls, glass or windows with your hands
Keep your whites white
Do not lay on the throw pillows or on the bedspread
Do not dry your hands on the decoration towels in the bathroom
When you go into labor be sure to have a manicure, pedicure, freshly bathed and shaved, make up and hair

Now that Mikey and I have our own home, the rules I thought to once be ridiculous, I have implemented! I love throw pillows and bathroom accessories- 2 things that not a ton of people get in to.

One queen-sized bed and one couch and here are our throw pillows. I have not always been super into throw pillows- they are really expensive and you have to remove them any time you want to take a seat. Now that we have our own little place- they are most definitely a critical aspect of my decor.

The theme of our place is natural colors: green and brown...
with a touch of blue in one room.

Our bedroom and the fun throws on the bed:

On to the coordinated bathroom which is connected to our bedroom...

Our guest bathroom is decorated in blue and brown... matches the general theme of our home but adds in a fun, complimentary splash of color!

Removing pillows from the couch before you sit on it, using the finger-tip towel to dry your hands rather than the hanging decor towels... all things Mikey had to adjust to but he has done a great job adapting to the few life rules. LOL. Someone uses my decor towels and it is like an instant heart attack, pathetic but true.

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  1. Love love love it!! See I'm not the only one who does the decor towels!