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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And these are a few of my favorite things...

There are a slew of products- hair products, make up essentials, bathing favorites and too many others that I swear by and recommend to everyone. As I feel inclined, I am going to begin to publish some of these oh-so-fabulous items here and there.

My favorite product #1: Scruples White Tea Moisturizer
So, I have to give credit to my ultra fabulous Mom, Rosina, for this one. As she is a fabulous local hair stylist, she is always in the "beauty supply" store, checking out the latest and greatest in hair products and all of the fun items that come along with it. This white tea moisturizer is a treasure she found a few years back. Long story short: She got a jar of this divine treat for her, my sister and I and we ALL love it and swear by it.

What makes this moisturizer so special? I swear it is magic! Blemish, dry skin and day-to-day facial maintenance: this moisturizer has it all, it does it all. It is so light weight, I use it in the morning under my make up and apply it again at night. It never ever makes me feel greasy or makes me have shiny face come afternoon.

Officially, it is named, Scruples White Tea Panthenol EDA Cream: a 24 hour facial moisturizer cream. It promotes new cell growth and stimulates the production of collagen. (Sounds super-impressive to me, and that is only on paper). The Panthenol EDA Creme moisturizes, protects and balances the skin.

A jar lasts forever, as a little goes a long way for a much better price than other department store moisturizers (a la Lancome, Philosophy, Dermalogica, etc.)... Mikey actually loves this moisturizer too. So this jar can serve for both you and your man!

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