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Saturday, December 26, 2009

We're ready Santa!

Our first Christmas (married), yay! We kicked off the season in style... cut down a tree Grizwold style with Mikey's family.

We found our peeerrfect tree! It's the one directly behind us, not the monster one. After months of determining a general theme for our tree and collecting ornaments and Christmas decor, it was all set! We have such a festive home.

We hung a "mantle" so that our stockings would have a home.
2009... Our first Christmas Together ornament
We were celebrating thee entire month of December. We had Christmas parties every weekend! At last we got into bed Christmas Eve around 1 AM or so. I woke up every single hour, like circa 1990 style- I was so excited for morning! At last, at about 8:30 Mikey agreed we could get up and get the show on the road. As I had hid Mikey's really fabulous gift at my Dad's for 4 weeks and then in the office room, I could not risk him walking into that room. So- I created this sign 12/24 to avoid any mishaps:
I received a gorgeous Brahmin bag and Michael Kors watch from Mikey, which I LOVE. All on my very own- months of research, hours of shopping and lots of hours of work- I got Mikey a "bomb" gift...

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from the Devins!

What a fabulous first Married Christmas

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