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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stayin' at the Ritz~

Conversing back and forth for months about what to do for our honeymoon we decided on one thing- some place warm. That was the only requirement that needed to be met. With that in mind, Mikey decided he would take the liberty of planning our honeymoon extravaganza. I had NO idea where we were going until about 10 before our plane landed in Orange County, CA. Mikey told me to pack for warm weather, and knowing me he gave me some specifics on what to pack: casual but cute and a couple of "nicer outfits." He of course made his own personal request: "something slutty," ie: short shorts, dresses, etc. I packed my bags August 7th, got married August 8th and off we left from Little America at 8:30 AM on August 9th.

Here we are at the Salt Lake Airport walking to our mysterious flight. Flying as married couple... cheesey and sooo fun!
After about an hour and a half of begging for an answer as to where we were going or at least some clues, we played a game of hang man. LOL... I was still as confused as ever! I was given clues such as: the name of the place we are staying is the same as the Fresh Prince of Bell Air's cousin (Carlton) and so on. I did not win in that round of hang man to say the least. At last he told me... we were staying at the Ritz Laguna Niguel! AHHHH!

Talk about love at first sight! I will always remember the wonderful "scent" of the Ritz! The lobby and hallways were lined with gorgeous, fresh flowers each day: yellow, pink, purple; each day was a new vibrant color! We had a beautiful room that overlooked the pool.

Nerds: in our bath robes because we are cool like that.

Every morning we enjoyed breakfast and coffee on this amazing patio that overlooked the ocean and this Laguna Beach neighborhood! Delicious coffee, lattes and incredible quiches each morning!

We enjoyed both the beach and pool. Whether we were dining at a fancy restaurant or just at the pool cafe, the food was AMAzing! Pulled pork sliders anyone?

Our romantic dinner overlooked the ocean- what a view!

We told our waiter we were celebrating and he was all stoked for us. At the end of our meal he brought this yummy little dessert.

After dinner we preceded to our favorite little patio- nighttime style. Each table (about four of them) had a fire pit in the center, and these crystals in the flames, I like to call them "diamonds." As we continued to drink a bottle or two more of celebratory wine, we held an outdoor photo shoot. Please enjoy...

There are about 20 very similar shots... LOL... we had so much fun!

I was pretending to be sexy... see the grey sweater on the arm of the chair? A staple our entire stay for each outfit! Well, woke up the next morning from this great night and was getting ready to put my Grandma sweater on for coffee and a beach walk- it was no where to be found. I was super sad. Did I drop it? Did I leave it on the patio? Did I leave it at dinner? (I looked at the camera for evidence but from the camera screen I could not locate the sweater on the arm of the couch). So, I called the front desk, no sweater but they told me to call back again, so I did... and someone turned it in! I was so happy to get my granny cardi back! Once we got home and we looked at the pictures we laughed- I had left the grey granny sweater on the couch during my sexy photo shoot.
We spent some time venturing around Laguna- walking all over, falling in love with the city and eating lots lots yummy food, treats and drinks all along the way.

Is that Stephen Colletti?

NO- it's my HUSBAND!

Yay for posing with the Ritz sign!

The hotel bar had an AMAzing view!

In our walking adventures we discovered a fabulous little Italian restaurant we frequented during our stay. Here I am one night on our way back... after two bottles of wine. I was posing with everything.

To say the least- I was PLEASANTLY surprised with the honeymoon of my dreams! It was all perfect and finally relaxing and being together, alone, after 18 months of wedding planning was so great! We are both lucky, but I am realllllly lucky to have such a sweet and thoughtful Husband... and alas, we are the Devins!

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