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Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Twenty Ten

Valentine's Day... some hate it and some love it, I am with the latter group. I love Valentine's Day! Have I always? I cannot remember but I would assume not. This year I was super stoked- got a festive rose wreath for my front door, found the cutest red wire ribbon with little hearts on it and tied it around my red candles... of course kept my nails red and pink thus far this month, etc.

In addition to the regular hype I ALSO love the day because two years ago marks the day I was proposed to. Mikey was taking me on a surprise date. I was thinking a nice, delicious and romantic dinner, accompanied with some wine and probably some roses. Sounds wonderful to me. So- Mikey picked me up from work for our surprise date. I had NO idea as to where we were going or what we were doing, we were headed downtown which seemed like a normal place to be headed for a "special" dinner date. We arrive at Little America, park and walk in. I was so confused... why would we be at a hotel? I did not pack to stay anywhere. We took the elevator up and I was asked to wait outside of the room for a minute while Mikey went in. The door swung open and... voila! Rose petals spread on the floor, dresser, bed, table- everywhere! Sexy John Mayer music playing and literally 30-or so candles of all shapes and sizes lit throughout the suite. There was a table set for two topped off with wine and champagne. AH- so sweet! I had been totally surprised. I ask- "are we eating here or going out?" Next thing I know there was a knock at the door- apprently a room service-type delivery. Barbacoa? LOL... we had one of our first dates there and always loved it more for that reason. Here we are, in an amazing suite at the Little America sitting at a romantic table eating chicken burritos- SO us! We are finished eating our burritos and the surprise creme brule (my fave) and we are just sitting at the table drinking, chatting... Mikey is professing his love for me which seemed pretty normal :) From there it all happened so fast... something like, "I love you... this is why...." he stood up and I saw a box. Maybe some pearl earrings? Walked over to my side of the table, knelt on knee and asked, "will you marry me?" WHAT?! I leaped out of my chair tackling him with a hug and tears repeating "is this really happening?" I had not even looked at the ring yet. I screamed "YES" and finally looked at the ring- which I loved! ONE OF THEE BEST MOMENTS OF MY LIFE. I was soooo surprised! That will forever go down as the best Valentine's Day of mt life.

So- Valentine's Day 2010, we get to celebrate this great day of love and our happy engagement day. This year we decided to do a card contest: each of us create a card for the other...
I made a Valentine box for mine and made a poem card/book. Mikey made a really great one too, A+ for effort.

I came home Saturday to these gorgeous roses! XOXO

Mikey made us an AMAzing Valentine dinner... artichokes, steak, garlic mashed, sauted mushrooms and salad! For dessert we did a wine and chocolate pairing.

Ah... another great Valentine's Day... thanks babe!


  1. Dear Ugly Betty aka Machel,
    This one is very Bloggy worthy. I got tears. I love you!!
    The Bloggy Representative.. Emily

  2. Dear Emily,
    OMG- Bloggy-worthy? What an honor.
    I would like to thank my Parents, for fostering an environment the last 25 years of my life that helped to develop my writing/bloggy skills; my husband who inspired me to write such a touching story; and last but not least the Bloggy Rep. Emily.
    Thank you for bestowing this great honor on me.

    Ugly Betty/Machel