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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I cannot believe our one year anniversary is a mere FOUR days away! One year flew by so fast! As it has been a while since I have posted anything wedding-related, I thought this week would be a great time to do so.
To this date, I am still totally wrapped up in wedding-related 'things' ... I was recently a bridesmaid in Kristen and Nick's wedding and I am thee Maid of Honor for Jaima and Chris' big day in October.

I absolutely love everything about weddings, from planning minute details, to creating a grand overall vision, to all things BRIDE. I hope that one day I can take my passion for weddings and really use it!

I love music, but Mikey is super passionate about it and loves finding new artists that complement his musical taste. A few years go Mikey discovered Dustin Kensrue, and Pistol.

There are a number of songs we are both in love with, that represent our love and relationship, but when it came time to choose our first dance tune... we thought Pistol would be perfect. I guess in general, the first dance song a couple chooses happens to either be from the male or female perspective, but safe to say that they both feel the love of the song!!! The lyrics of Pistol speak well to how our relationship came to be and grew, and about us as individuals. Not only are the lyrics incredible, but Dustin's style - his raw voice and harmonica playing - also play a role in our love for this jam.
I love how you curse when I wake you up
And sweetly demand that I fill your cup.
With the smile of your cool gun powder glare
Honey you lay me bare.

You're the girl of my dreams
And a pistol it seems, but you shoot me straight and true.
Time to lay down my bets,
Oh, I put all my money on you.

When I'm in the dark, girl you bring me to light.
It seems like you're almost always right.
So keep boxing my ears when I sew them shut.
Baby, you sure are tough.

You're the girl of my dreams
And a pistol it seems, but you shoot me straight and true
Time to lay down my fears,
Honey, I feel so safe around you.

*If the tillerman taught me anything,
It's that a hard-headed woman is what I need.
To help me to always do my best
Baby, my life is blessed.

You're the girl of my dreams
Darling, please wear this ring
You're an angel through and through.
Time to lay down my life,
Honey, I'd do it gladly for you.

Time to lay down my life,
Honey, I'd do it gladly for you.

*Cat Stevens has an album named 'Tea for the Tillerman', which is mostly about a spiritual man trying to find meaning/happiness in life, and it contains the song "hard headed woman".

I read an article on CNN yesterday... the top most overplayed wedding songs... and I was happy to see Pistol was not on that list. While many of these songs are simply wonderful classics, I felt really good about having a song that meant something to us that (I would be willing to bet) a lot of people had not heard of!

I love you Mikey!!!

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