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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Buzzed & In-Love

Married ONE year - crazy! The weekend consisted of lots of
good food, great wine and romance
Word on the street: the first year of marriage is the hardest. Articles on how to survive it are abundant and were sent to me regularly by the Nest (the next 'step' after the Knot). LOL ... well, I survived it and it was not too bad... so bring it on!
{Cheese alert}:
I truly am fortunate to have married Mikey. He is my best friend, my confidant, my party buddy, my 4-movies in a row viewing friend, my workout partner, my dish cleaner (b/c I hate doing dishes more than anything in this world), my foot masseuse and my lover -to name just a couple.

The last 12 months were indeed a 'reality check' - testing my patience and helping me to become a selfless person. At the same time, the last 12 months were some of the best of my life. I found myself at times thinking, "this is for real, I am wife, Mikey is my hot husband and we are going to start a family and have a real grown-up life together." It's funny! I am a wife! GAWD... not that long ago I was living paycheck to paycheck, making multiple trips to Nordstrom and only concerned about myself. I am a grown up, I am a grown woman! (Screaming this, standing on a rooftop in a sexy Tarzan/Jane outfit. See it?) Mikey has taught me a lot, and I AM a better person because of him. He is thee sweetest, most genuine and thoughtful person I have ever met (besides me, LOL). I will always remember the last 12 months of our lives, the first year of our marriage: furnishing and decorating our first home, our apartment...buying a car...cooking and drinking...dance parties...farting in front of him for the first time...Laughing non-stop...Deep talks about our goals, dreams and aspirations...Knowing the comfort and joy of having the security of such an amazing man-friend that will be in my life forever... PRICELESS.

Here are just a few of the highlights from our charming weekend:
Market Street dining
The perfect romantic picnic spot at Red Butte Gardens
Picnic assortment: cilantro lime shrimp, caprese, reallly good
bread and some great white wine and raspberries

Back home to eat. Again. We made yummy tortellini with a pesto sauce!
One year later, our top tier of our cake is
still beautiful... but how does it taste?
Veueve to celebrate this Milestone!
Cutting in with a butcher knife...
Mmm... looks pretty! As for the taste- it was not the most disgusting
thing I have ever tasted, but a few bites each, and we were good!

Here is to many more years of love, happiness and health!!!
We had a wonderful FIRST year anniversary celebration!

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  1. CONGRATS you two!!! I love this post, it only gets better and better as the years go on! LOVE IT!