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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Out with the new & back in with the old { # 6 }

Favorite product alert: an oldy but a goody!

Since about 6 months old (with my curled mohawk) I have been using the same hair gel,
Paul Mitchell's Soft Sculpting Spray Gel.
A couple of months ago I thought after 25+ years of spritzing a generous amount of this gel into my strands, I would try something new. I went with a new line my Mom started carrying, Mantra. I had tried a few of the products when I got my her' did and really enjoyed the smell and results of the products. To replace my good ol' Paul Mitchell spray, I went with Mantra's Foundation.

I enjoyed this gel, it's super light, it smells nice, it got the job done - but, I have had better. Not being dissatisfied with this product but rather missing my gel, I have spent the last week enjoying my oldy but a goody soft sculpting spray gel.
While this gel is also super light and soft, I appreciate the way it adds texture to my hair, specifically my bangs. Whether I am blowing my hair out, letting it air dry or styling it 'natural curly,' this is my go-to gel. I understand some people do not even use product before blowing their hair out, but if you are going to use anything- this is it! Depending on time I have and the look I am going for, I will use this in addition to a mousse or volumizing foam.

I have tried other gel products, in the form of sprays, gels and creams. More fancy, more expensive and promising to do more than this spray offers but, time and time again, I come back to my gel.

GET some!

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