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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Mountains are the new Hills

Okay... total guilty obsession: I lalalove The Hills. What's there not to love? Rich kids growing up in CA driving Mercedes and Porches, wearing great fashion, rocking great hair, really fun parties, last minute vacations to hot spots around the world and really pleasurable fake drama.
Or maybe it's the fact that Mikey is a way hotter version of Stephen Colletti...
(the first night we met... )
After indulging in my guilty pleasure the other day I thought to myself... I should totally approach MTV as The Hills is coming to an end and propose the idea of
The Mountains
This production would require the casting of all in-state and out-of-state friends. After a couple shows when the money starts rolling in we can all start driving high profile vehicles and purchase super swanky homes in Park City, downtown SLC and other prestigious destinations around the state. And I can finally get a boob job (NOT Heidi style, I repeat not Heidi style). A lot of us have been BFFS since 5th grade, high school, etc. I think we have a chance here friends!!!

Here are some clips from season 1 episodes:

I'm not from the states
I love God

Lots more ideas... so little time. Please... post your ideas friends! {LOL}


  1. hahaha this is so cute and funny! And he totally does look like Stephen Colletti!

  2. I think we need to pitch the idea of "The Mountains" It screams HIT SHOW! Love it!

  3. LOL- glad you got a chuckle to and enjoyed my totally hit idea ladies! :)