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Monday, August 22, 2011

Lush lash love

I have spent years of my life in search of the perfect mascara. A mascara that does not end up under my eye mid-day leaving me looking like a crack whore/raccoon-eyed freak. I've spent countless hours (dramatic) in the mirror touching up my smeared/melted mascara face mess, until now... after a long and treacherous search full of technique tricks and trying out expensive mascaras, I crossed paths with a life changing product.

I introduce to you...
drum roll please

MAC's Opulash Mascara
Allow me to name the reasons why I name this mascara a must-have beauty essential:
- Price point, at $15 it does not break the bank
- Super duper dark black color provides a dramatic look, even when paired with simple eye makeup
- Large and in-charge wand covers lashes quickly and effectively
- Amps up lashes in volume (uber thickness factor) and length
- I love that in one swipe I am done (it dries very quickly, so a second swipe needs to happen fast). My routine: curl, apply right eye top, right bottom, touch top again, re-dip, top left eye, bottom left top, touch top again
- The no-smudge factor alone is amazing
- If you're weird like me, you will love this as a little bonus: when you wash your makeup off, the mascara comes off in little clumps/tubes and does not run down your face (think non-crack whore look) - fab!
With all of this lash love, I have to dish on another incredible lash-y product I am not addicted to: LiLash.

I have been using this product for about three months and I can tell a major difference in the condition, and LENGTH of my lashes. When first using this, I used it every night, now I use it two- to three-times per week, or when I remember.

Mikey told me my eyelashes we getting too big, I told him lashes are like diamonds, there is no too big.

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  1. oh yes! maybe this is the answer to all my prayers in the makeup world! i have the smudgy, crack look days with my current mascara. i MUST try this. no nice makeup counters in columbus, i will be ordering online asap! thanks!