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Monday, August 22, 2011

Color, Color, Color: lips, nails and the in-between

I left the MAC counter this weekend with two new fall lip purchases, and a sweet reminiscent feeling to post my fave colors of summer. With fall technically around the corner, the Utah weather makes me feel as though I still have plenty of time to rock my favorite warm-weather shades of COLOR!

This summer I made the commitment to start donning brighter, bolder lip colors. I am really a pale/nude lip lady, but really amped it up this summer with shades of hot pink and even some bright red!

I plan to keep this trend alive the rest of the year, continuing to stand out in my bright red lips all year long and adding some deep, dramatic colors to the mix for the cold months.

My favorite summer colors have included shades of pink, blue and coral.
Toesie and Nail Colors ...
Lips ...
- Revlon's Fairytale

From my accessories, to my cosmetics, to my nail polish options and fashion - these shades have ruled my SUMMER palette; mixed with neutrals, mixed with each other and mixed monochromatically, I LOVE it all!

Trend-spotting, I am excited to see these same colors in warmer clothing options - corals, reds, turquiose-y blues, purples, greys... MMMmmm... cannot wait to get me some of these new colors!

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